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This festival has now been held for around 35 years. It attracts dancers from all over the world who come to discover our land and dance here, hosted and organised by the Asociación Elai-Alai in Portugalete. The Dance Festival is held in the Zubi-Alde Sports Centre over the course of three consecutive nights, and always takes place in July to coincide with the festival in honour of the Apostle St. James, Santiago Apóstol (July, 25).


Following their evening performances, the dancers and their Basque counterparts, dancers, put on a public show in the very heart of the Town, in its broadest streets, so that we can all see them dance and listen to music that is so different to our own, albeit just as beautiful The open-air show takes place on or around the night of the festival of Santiago Apóstol.


A typical feature each year is the fireworks display that is held at night in Canilla Park. A spectacle that is repeated on the holiday on the 15th August (in honour of the Blessed Virgin) and on the 16th August, the main holiday in honour of the Patron Saint San Roque. Organised by: ELAI-ALAI Sponsored by: Local Council of Portugalete, Regional Council of Vizcaya and Basque Government.