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The Corte Inglés Regatta is held in Portugalete in September, attracting this spectacular sport’s loyal and enthusiastic following, as well as a host of onlookers who cling to their vantage points along the quayside, admiring the spectacle of the long-boats (traineras), being rowed along the river, where each oar stroke and a concerted effort bring them under the Hanging Bridge in their race to be the first ones to cross the finishing-line.


This September regatta is a kind of play-off amongst the Champions of Champions. For further information, visit the club website (in Spanish), Asociación de Clubes de Traineras:


Curiosities from the world of Regattas:


  • BOGAR (ROW): This is the action performed by the oarsman with an oar in order to propel the boat forwards.
  • CIAR or SEAR (BACKPADDLE): This is the opposite action to rowing, in other words, reversing the movement in order to propel the boat backwards.
  • VIRAR (GO ABOUT): Manoeuvre performed by the skipper of the boat, sometimes with the help of the oarsmen, to change the boat’s heading.
  • POPEL (STERNMAN): Oarsman who usually rows at the rear of the boat. They are generally responsible for setting the stroke rate and for leading the rest of the crew.
  • PROEL (BOWMAN): Oarsmen who is usually the one nearest the front of the boat.